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Name: Amber Marie
Age: It's not polite to ask a lady her age.
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Measurements: 36-27-43
What made you decide to get into modeling: It's always been a passion, I thought I was going to be tall and skinny. Then I developed a womans shape. Thank God for glamour. Being able to show off different sides of myself.
Who is your favorite model: Tiara Harris, she is a bad female but down to earth.
What famous person you would like to meet: Anyone that would like to meet me.
What makes you smile: Getting paid.
What is your favorite food: Anything I shouldn't be eating but especially chocolate
What type of music do you like: Anything that I can dance to
What type of movies do you go see: Comedy and Drama
What was the name of the last movie or concert you went to: Dreamgirls
What is your ideal man: A God fearing man tht truly respects women, a man that will protect me and can put up with my independent ways
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